Most women don’t seek help even if they have suffered a psychic attack in the fear of not being taken seriously.

A lot of people don’t believe it is true but Psychic attacks are very real and have been observed across cultures.

Modern research too puts it as one of the topmost factors of depleted mental health. Formerly known as black magic, it is when someone with sinister intentions encroaches upon your mind and controls your actions.

If you notice any of the following signs, then you might be a victim of a psychic attack and must seek help immediately-

1. Chronic depression and anxiety:

You might be suddenly overpowered by depression and anxieties out of the blue. It is important to pay attention to your thoughts and identify those who do not belong to you. This way you will be warned of any intrusion taking place within your mind.

2. Nightmares:

Occasional nightmares are normal enough. But if you are constantly having harrowing dreams of monstrosities and epidemics and disasters, it is a sign that you are under attack. Sometimes these nightmares are powerful enough to even cause asphyxiation. If you have been frequently jerked awake in your sleep a lot with unnatural fears, it is a clear sign.

3. Unnatural fears:

These unrealistic thoughts might accompany even your waking moments. You’d suddenly become very paranoid and unhinged. Every sound might seem like a threat to you. These fears won’t even go away after a week or even month.

4. Bathing often:

Water has always been a major component in fighting negative energies. This is why you might be taking frequent baths because the presence of moving or flowing water makes you feel secure from the bad energies.

5. Suicidal thoughts:

People are also overwhelmed with suicidal thoughts. The world seems to stop holding any meaning to them and they feel an irresistible attraction to death.

There are many ways which can be used to counter a psychic attack. What you need to do is recognize the symptoms early and seek professional guidance.

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