Meditation has several benefits. It connects our body, soul and heart through our mind to help us reach our true potential.

However most of us are unaware about how to meditate properly. Most people start with a lot of excitement but soon give up as they get bored by just sitting with their eyes closed. They fail to concentrate and get tired and jittery.

It is not easy to grasp the techniques at the very first try. It requires a lot of practice. You need to be patient to keep improving. There’s no rush to become the best at it. You must stay dedicated in order to progress in your spiritual and internal journey. Meditation is very personal. It needs to suit the concerned people. However there are certain basic tips to meditate better.

A Place To Relax

Firstly you need to find a place that helps you feel safe and comfortable. Beginners should look for a place other than where they work, sleep or exercise. A place surrounded by greenery is ideal. With practice you’ll learn to meditate anywhere.

Fix a Time

Fix a particular time of the day when you are free and alone for meditation. There shouldn’t be any kind of disturbance when you meditate. Some people prefer the mornings but you choose a time that suits you.

Be At Ease

It is important to find a position that is most comfortable to you for meditation. There’s no fixed rule that one must meditate while sitting. Beginners can even lie down and get comfortable. Experienced people can meditate while running!

Let Your Thoughts Flow

Initially your mind will be slightly disturbed and jumbled but simple concentrate on your breathing. Eventually your mind will get peaceful and calm. Don’t get stressed. Let things happen on their own.

Understand Your Body

When you meditate, be aware of your present self from head to toe. Don’t think about the past or future. Focus on the present moment and feel yourself from within. Ask yourself, “Who is this that is thinking?” It works wonders to connect you to the present.

Be Thankful

Practice thinking about three things that you’re grateful for when you are ending your meditation. Being thankful releases good vibes and positive energies. It liberates our hearts and cleans our soul. It completely brightens up your mood and day when you finish meditating.

Make it a habit

You need to understand that to get the best results, you must meditate regularly. It’s not something you can skip once in a while. Make it a habit, just like eating and sleeping. Make sure you take 15 minutes out of your schedule to meditate every day. If you feel like you don’t have 15 minutes to spare, then you need to spend 30 minutes on it because it shows how much more you need meditation in your life. Once you stick to it and keep on doing it for a long time, you will realize how beautifully your body and mind have improved.

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