A twin flame relationship is about balancing the extremes of both the flames. It is about the harmony they arrive at with the help of each other.

Ideally in a flame relationship, one of the flames is the embodiment if masculine ideals and the other of feminine ones. Even though balance between the two is essential in maintaining and flourishing the relationship.

But we often observe that the feminine is easily the more overpowering of the two in the flame. This is because feminine energy is more in sync with spirituality and spiritual pursuits.

Masculine energy and ideals are more about the pragmatic and the physical, qualities which are slightly difficult to concur with the spiritual plane.

But the anchoring to the physical plane that the masculine elements provide is essential for the more spiritual feminine to retain a connection to the physical world. This is the same as the masculine energies needing the feminine to stay connected with the spiritual world.

Being more pragmatic and rooted in reality helps the masculine to avoid or better handle the messy emotional side to the spiritual connection.

The Twin Flames

The twin flame relationship is in and if itself about balance and harmony. If we want to really understand the working of the soul our observations should start where there is difference.

When we know better about the different energies of the twin Flames we are better able to understand the very nature of the soul. Our soul is nothing but how we express our energy to the world.

It is crucial to have the masculine element for the spiritual to survive because without it the spiritual will have no medium to manifest on the physical plane.

Both the energies come together to form the perfect balance that the universe requires. If you want to know which energy your twin flame will bring, try and understand which energy you yourself possess.

Don’t forget that masculine and feminine energies do not translate directly into men and women.

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