Spiritual sex: 3 types of divine union

Society doesn’t really tell us about the power behind the act of sex. When it is done right, sex can help us transcend this physical plane and enter the spiritual realm. Anything that can help us feel true ecstasy, similar to sex, can help us cultivate our spirituality and bring us to a state wherein we are completely free of ourselves. There are certain methods of sexual union that can help you.

1. The alert union

This usually happens when we first have sex with someone. We open up to that person and together, we strive to bring each other to that moment of perfect pleasure. We become aware of each other’s bodies and let our instincts control us. We can become addicted to this state as there is something novel about each lover

2. The conscious union

When we mature more, we try to find more balance in the act of spiritual sex. We try to bring our primal urges and our sensual self into accord so we think about what we need and take the time to indulge in those desires with our lovers. The connection is more intimate and brings with it a powerful love that can help us rise above ourselves.

3. The soulful union

Sanskrit tantric scriptures talk about ‘Maithuna’ or ‘sexual union’. They teach us that Maithuna can be used to elevate ourselves to a higher plain when we concentrate on illuminating our souls and not just on obtaining pleasure. Tantric sex can lead to a powerful merging of souls accompanied by a pure and powerful pleasure.

There are some things you can do to reach this state:

  • Avoid sex for a while so that there is more energy flowing inside you. Practice controlling it and merge it with your kundalini.
  • Ensure that you keep a part of your day to spend with your lover. Do your best to remove all distractions and make the area more sensual with music, silk, perfumes and lighting.
  • When you’re with your lover, practice light touches that will help activate their nerves.
  • Seated on your lover’s lap, share your breathe so that you may be in perfect harmony.
  • Look into each other’s eyes when you’re making love so that you are rooted in the moment.

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