The human species has evolved over centuries to become what it is today. Humans not only have developed varying features and appearances but also have many mutations.

Mutations took us from single celled organisms to being the dominant form of reproductive on this planet; remember that there are infinite forms of variations with each generation, all through mutation.

There are a few forms of mutation that people wish they had. It is possible that you have one of these few common mutations or you instead know someone who does.

1. Absence of Wisdom Teeth

It is quite intriguing to know the one-fourth of the Americans who originated from Europe do not have wisdom teeth, while almost half of the Asians lack the wisdom teeth in their genes. This mutation, believed to have started from China probably has the least effect in Africa with only one-tenth of the population having it.

2. Red Hair

There is obvious reason why this is the case but Scottish people have more commonly this feature, as compared to people from anywhere else. Although only 5% of people were found to have this, what is even rarer is if someone has read hair along with blue colored eyes.

3. Blue eyes

8% of all the people on this planet have blue eyes. This mutation is one of the most recent ones. It only goes back somewhere around 8,000 years when this mutation was first ever noticed. As per scientific theories, the brown component in the eye goes absent due to conversion of HERC2 into OCA2 gene.

4. Intolerance towards lactose

It is defined by the absence of a property in mammals by the virtue of which milk in the body gets digested. Since the milk is only meant to be consumed during childhood, the body is not always able to overcome the production of enzyme lactase responsible for digestion of milk.

5. Asian Flush

Again, seen in almost half of the Northeast Asians. This mutation is the one which makes their faces turn red on consumption of alcohol.

6. Double eyelashes

Also known as distichiasis, this is a mutation marked by extra hair growth of eyelashes.

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