An impossible love is one which was never destined to turn into something concrete. And though it might have never happens the grief it caused is very real and very hard to get over. So here are 6 Steps which can help you to move on from an impossible love:

1. Define in clear terms why it is not possible:

 The only reason behind the existence of an impossible is lack of reciprocation of feelings; when one person loves and the other is incapable of feeling the same way. Anything else is just a challenging love and can be mastered.

2. Think about what you think of love as:

Many a times our disappointment in love arises from our irrational fantasies of love. More often than not, we are looking for an overly romanticized love, the kind they show in the movies. Unlike the movies, there is not just one human with whom you can fall in love.

3. Focus on the problems of this love:

 No one is perfect but when we are fixated on them we are quick to ignore their flaws. Instead try to think of the shortcomings of this person which you are ready to ignore now. Think how you’d feel about them in a decade or so later.

4. Embrace that it is better to forget this love now:

 Instead of rationalizing your sufferings, accept that this love is not meant to be. And recognize the need to move on for your mental and emotional health. Be firm in your resolve.

5. Remove any links to them:

This means not meeting them for casual coffee dates, not calling them when you feel lonely and so on. Completely cut off contact from them and anything that reminds you of them.

6. Try something new in life:

Now that you are not spending time in wooing/thinking about them, you definitely have spare time on your hands. Instead of reminiscing about them, try your hand at new activities. Not only will it take your mind off them, you’ll also learn and enjoy.

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