Highly sensitive people (HSP) know what it feels like to be told by others that they are too touchy or emotional. If you are one of them, you probably know you are not like everybody else.

You must have had a childhood where you were very shy and it took you no time to burst into tears. At the same time, you might also remember being a quiet child but having a very active imagination as well.

There might have been times when you thought that you were not normal. But that isn’t the case. HSPs are great souls who care a lot about others and can experience emotions profoundly. On top of that, they have a keen ability to sense beauty and to make great friends. This happens on account of their caring nature.

If you have read this far, then I’m sure it has stuck your bone of curiosity. And you want to know more about HSPs. So here’s a list for you.

Following are the signs that will indicate whether you are an HSP:

1) You are intuitive

Being highly sensitive:  You can sense what other people around you are feeling even before they tell you.
You have a gut feeling that almost always predicts things correctly. You seem to be aware of things beforehand and can figure out what is going to happen.

2) You feel tired

Because you absorb the emotions and feelings of others, sometimes it becomes too much for you to handle. You might even suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as excess mental and emotional strain drains you out continually.

3) You have an active imagination

You are highly imaginative and prefer spending time alone or with pets rather than with other people. You have taken up the arts as your career as it gives you an outlet for your creative potential. Moreover, you are an inward looking person who can spend an entire day contemplating and day-dreaming.

4)  People tell you this

You frequently hear from others that you are excessively sentimental and that you are affected by the slightest of things. They also tell you that you are an attentive listener and therefore they come to discuss their problems with you.

5) You are deeply affected by negativity

You love peace and calm. Emotions such as rage or anger repel you. Shouting, chaos, violence can almost make you sick. This is why you avoid TV shows, films, images and other forms of media that trigger negativity in you.

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