There are a bunch of issues that twin flames have to go through until they reach a stable state in life. Numerous barriers and discomforts like emotive battles are to be crossed by them before they finally end up together.

Let’s talk about a few of them and see how they can be dealt with. Before we do, know that achieving inner stability is prerequisite to achieving the mutual one.

The Run and Chase Activity

We must understand that this type of relationship is not like any other soul-mate one. They affect us to the core and are capable of making us dropping to our knees in order to achieve divine brilliance.

So at initial stages, the relationship may seem very smooth, passionate and easy to manage but soon enough you’re made to face your past inside of your twin flame and all you want to do is make a run for it. This is commonplace and every twin flame has to go through this.

Now while you are at it, you may seek space from your chasing partner but you must learn to detach yourself from the past and lean to let go, caring only about the true purpose in life.

The troublesome separation

The other very apparent issue face by the twin souls is the frustration due to distance. The discomfort caused due to their absence haunts the other. Your brain is partially occupied by their thought but soon enough you find out how strong the connection is with them.

No matter how much the parting bothers the chaser and the runner, it is a fact that it happens for a good reason.

Regardless of how long the separation lasts or how distanced they get, inside you are aware that you are meant to end up together at last. Gradually you learn that when you reunite with them, that there is no way that it would not have happened.

Clearly, these struggles are very intense and can take a toll on you and your life but they are so much worth the pain because ultimately the universe settles everything.

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