Have you been experiencing a ringing or buzzing sensation in your ears lately, which apparently has no anatomical reason for it?

If you return empty handed from your medical check-up with the ringing still there, it is time to look for a spiritual reason behind this phenomena.

Usually people assume that since they are experiencing this it must mean that they are ready to ascend to the next spiritual realm. However this explanation is inaccurate.

To know more about the weird noises and sensations in your ears, read on.

What causes “spiritual ringing-in-the-ears”?

Spiritual ringing-in-the-ear implies that someone is trying to get in touch with you.

And this someone is obviously not in the realm where they could simply FaceTime you, for example.

This call is from the spiritual dimension.

If you are experiencing this sensation, it would be best for you to sit and think about who this could be.

People from the spiritual realm who would want to contact you are many— perhaps it is someone from your family, who has now ascended to that realm or it is a being native to that realm, like a spirit-guide.

Sometimes, even your twin flame can manifest themselves in this form if they feel it is urgent that you take a certain direction in your life.

If you want to decode the message that is being sent your way, you could meditate and write your emotions in a journal. Your intuition would be your best guide in such a situation.

The reason why you are suddenly able to listen to the messages from the spiritual dimension, is that your own frequency is also on a rise. 

Asspiritual beings speak in a language different from ours, we are not able to decipher their significance easily.

Remember, this is not a medical condition, it is a sign from the Divine: you need to pay attention to your spiritual needs.