It is not easy being a parent. Children are complex human beings on their own, and no matter what anyone says, there is no manual that is customised on how to raise every individual child.

Nonetheless, there are certain rules which do apply to everyone, and here are a few such things. Seven things that you, under no circumstances should tell your daughter, ever.

1. Never stop her from crying. If she’s taught that crying equals weakness she’d always be suppressing her feelings. Crying is a very natural, and human thing to do. So instead you should be asking her about the reason behind the crying, and not scold her for the act.

2. ‘If you do that, none of the boys will play with you’. Sentences such as these only take away the self worth of little girls. Being a parent you should be improving her morale, and not implying that her opinions are not as important as some boy’s interest.

3. Never letting her make mistakes is another thing you will have to control. She would do things wrong in the first few tries, but she’ll get there. But if you are always there to do things for her, she might never learn.

4. Shaming her, or always pointing out her weight. This is a very unhealthy practice and should never come from a parent, the one support young children have. If you are worried about her health, talk about her health, not the weight.

5. Never stop her from doing something she wants just because it is not something girls do. Let her be her own individual and if she’s breaking some gender stereotypes on the way, all the better for it.

6. Never make her feel like she’s being needy or clingy. The only thing it will do is to block the communication between you two because she will feel like imposing on you and might not tell you even when she’s hurt.

7. And finally, never compare her to her siblings or any other child. Every child is a unique individual and pitting them against each other is very bad parenting.

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