By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Ghosts are souls who have left their physical body at what we call “death” but have not completely crossed over to the “other side” into the light.

Ghosts were a huge part of my spiritual awakening, and were the cause of questioning not only the possibility of life after death, but whether a spirit loses his or her identity. As I began to understand the shifting of energies into the Age of Aquarius and the ascension of Earth and humanity, I also wondered what will happen to ghosts when Earth shifts her vibration to a fifth dimensional frequency.

My interest about ghosts

2010 was the year of awakening for me. It was sparked by my husband-at-the-time telling me about a new series on television called Ghost Hunters. This was a show where people who believed their place was haunted would contact the real life ghost hunters. This group went out to investigate with high technical equipment to try to catch audio and video evidence of spirits.

After watching the evidence presented, more questions came to mind such as, where do these spirits reside, why are they ghosts, and what does that have to do with what they call heaven? I began investigating near death experiences in order to get more information about the process of dying. I also read many books on past life regressions and psychic mediums that could communicate with spirits on the other side. I found mounting evidence about life after death in many areas of study.

When I came to realize that our souls actually do leave this body to reside somewhere else, I was obsessed with learning everything I could about them, and I also began communicating with dis-incarnate spirits. My stepfather was one of the first spirits I communicated with, right after he died In November of 2010. I did not see him or hear him, but I could feel him. My neighbor had showed me how to use a crystal pendulum to ask yes or no questions just weeks before, and I began talking with him.

The way it worked for me is that I would call him in and I would sit down in meditation and ask him questions. The questions would actually come to me and I would ask them, and most of them were yes so I was really telepathically getting the questions as the answers most of the time.

I was very surprised to find out that he had not had a life review yet and that he was confused at first about what had happened. Because he died suddenly of a heart attack, he was not sure of where he was and did not know where to go. My stepfather would be one of the first spirits that I would help coax into the light. After that, I spent a lot of time talking with my father, who confirmed his final crossing into the light to medium James Van Praagh at a seminar I attended.

Types of ghosts

Before I get too far into explaining how spirits cross into the light, it helps to know the differences between dis-incarnate spirits.

1. Earthbound Spirits. There are lost spirits that cling to a person or an object on Earth. These ghosts are the aspects of souls that have not found their way into the light and have not reincarnated again. Some of these spirits are intelligent, meaning they try to communicate, and some of them are not so nice.

2. Residual energy patterns. All people are made of energy vibrating at a certain frequency, and they leave imprints of their energy everywhere they go. A residual haunting is caused by a traumatic event that plays over and over again, like a loop, stuck in time.

3. Spirit guides, angels, and extradimensional beings. These are dis-incarnate spirits who have come from a higher dimension to assist you in this lifetime. They have already crossed into the light and have come back in their light body form.

4. Tricksters and other lower vibrational beings are in the densest part of the fourth dimension, very close to the highest layer of the third dimension but in a section that isn’t normally crossed during the journey from body to the light.

5. Animal ghosts. Sometimes animal ghosts have been spotted by those who can see them, hanging out with their former owners.

For this discussion we focus on humans who are intelligent Earthbound spirits with the ability to communicate to those who can hear, see, or feel them.

Where do ghosts reside?

There are more people than you might think that can see ghosts without digital photography or video. Most children before the age of puberty can see dis-incarnate spirits. Other people who have clairvoyance or “clear seeing” capabilities can see ghosts in various forms. They can appear as black masses, white fluid bodies with a clear or smoky appearance, or orbs of energy.

We can usually see third dimensional things with our eyes because they are vibrating at a frequency that matches the third dimension. The ghost realm begins at the lower level of the astral plane, which is the fourth dimension. One who is to cross over into the light must pass around or through parts of the lower astral plane to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. A spirit will automatically gravitate toward the match of their vibrational frequency upon leaving the body. Those who purposefully stop going toward the light will stay in the lower planes. There are many levels of the lower astral planes.

Some reasons why a spirit would get stuck

If someone died suddenly, they may have gone through such a traumatic shock that their vibration was lowered and they just ended up at a lower astral plane, confused and lost. They may not even know they have died unless they saw their body upon leaving it. In this case an “angel” or higher vibrational spirit form their spirit family would usually come to find them and offer to lead them to the crossing point.

If someone died very ill and/or was on heavy pain medications, then the slip into the astral realm would be slow and they may not know they have actually left the body. The spirit body may have had time to acclimate more to the other side that is just beyond our spectrum of sight for a while already. Most of the time there is someone there to greet them, depending on how low their vibration was due to the fears held within their emotional body.

Many stuck spirits are simply too attached to Earth life to want to leave yet. These spirits stay close to their family or even an object that they cherished like a house or a car. When a spirit realizes it is “dead” it has a choice to get help to move through the denser fields of vibration. This could actually involve on the spot counseling by a family member or angel. Some people carry a lot of guilt about the kind of life they lead, mostly derived from religious beliefs. There are even some people that did not get enough partying out of their system and like to hang around bars or parties for a while. Most spirits hang around for their own funeral unless they are an old pro at leaving the body and know that they have another job to do.

Most cases of stuck spirits are due to fear of being judged by God or facing their spirit guides or family because they are ashamed of their actions in the last lifetime. Some even get as far as having a life review but decide they are not ready to move forward and want to hang around Earth some more to think things through.

We are either all ascending with Earth or we have to relocate to another planet

Humans incarnate and dis-incarnate spirits alike will both have the choice of whether to stay on earth by acclimating to her raising vibration or to have another similar experience on another planet or possible another version of this earth.

Those that had some type of spiritual practice while on the planet and treated others well would usually feel pretty good about themselves and would naturally gravitate away from the earth plane to a higher dimension where they would either rest, go to school, travel back to their home planet in spirit form, come back as a guide to an ascending human, or prepare for another incarnation. Most people who had incarnated many times to earth and had some kind of belief in life after death would already know upon death to go to the light at the end of the tunnel where their spirit family would await them.

However some people thought they would be able to transmute the dense energies of the earth experience but just could not handle living on the planet. Some of these people may have killed themselves to intentionally cross over out of desperation. This emotional energy vibration may have led them to a lower plane upon passing.  Perhaps they gave themselves too much of a challenging life to balance out something they may have done to someone in a past lifetime.

For instance, before his lifetime began my father may have made a deal with his younger brother that the brother would die in a pool accident that was caused by my father when my would-be uncle was only three years old. Of course this uncle would have also made the agreement to give this experience to his parents, my grandfather and grandmother. My father of course had forgotten about their deal at the time, and never did get over the guilt of the accident he had inadvertently caused.  He drank very heavy his whole life, even after having cancer and living through it.

My Father’s mother, whom he adored and had a very close relationship, suddenly died of a heart attack in her early fifties not long after he left town to go to Florida to work for a cigarette boat company. Let’s just say he went off to enjoy life and left me and my sister in his mother’s care. She died before he could get home. He never forgave himself for that either. Ultimately, this life was too much for him although he did try to have as much fun partying while he was here. Apparently he stayed to party on the other side as well, for several years until he made contact with me through some gifted psychic students.

How to help free an earthbound spirit

Although I couldn’t hear or see spirits, I could feel that they were there. My stepfather and father were very sad sometimes but were also laughing other times. Psychic medium John Hollandbrought a message through from my stepfather out of a room of hundreds of people in the audience, which means he had to cut in front of the spirit line to get a message to me. I had been speaking to him about the process of going into the light before and he confirmed some things with John to let me know he had heard me talking to him.

His problems upon passing were:
1. At first he did not know he was dead and was confused as to why no one could hear him.
2. Then he did not want to let my mother go because he was worried about leaving her with a farm and he wanted to get a message to her that he was sorry that he did not take care of himself like he knew he should have. He gave me that message for her at the John Holland show however when I told my mother she did not act like she really believed me.
3. Finally, he did not know what to expect in the light. He was unsure of what awaited him, and he led onto some fear about it. After telling him that he was the only one who would judge his actions, he eventually felt like he could face himself with his guides helping through a life review.

My father had a little different story, and been gone for several years when he made contact. He began coming through with messages to the students in the James Van Praagh psychic medium class I took. Actually the first message I got from one of the students was that his mother, my grandmother was one of my guides, and she guided me to take the class. However, I wasn’t really there to learn how to be a psychic medium I was there to receive the messages because I could not hear them myself!

Then my father began flirting with the ladies and bringing through short messages on the first and second day I was there just to prove it was him. After the second day, I began to realize that my father was still earthbound because he was drinking whiskey and smoking cigarettes! Since I had read about earthbound spirits I was concerned that he needed to move on because the earth was shifting her vibrations, and he would need to decide if he wanted to go with her or go to another planet. The night of the second day I began speaking with him after the class in my hotel room. I gave him the speech about God not judging him and that we were in a special time and he could help me better from a higher plane of existence than he was in. I told him that I loved him and that I forgave him for anything he thinks he may have done that was too harsh, as we did have some tumultuous times.

The third day he gave one of the students a vision of him sitting on a fence. I knew has still not made up his mind about moving on. He told several of the other ladies that he could not forgive himself until I forgave him for the things he did, along with my mother. None of the ladies had spoken to the other about my experience, so each time we continued the conversation,  no one but me really knew all the pieces of the puzzle. I just verified that it made perfect sense to me.

By the fourth evening I invited my father and anyone who was with him to follow me to a church down the street from my hotel. I was looking for a place of love and high vibration in order to have a clear place to talk to them. (Some may argue that a church is a good place for that, but it felt good to me). I even held the door open for all of them as I imagined they were filing in behind me. I got up on my pulpit (not really) and spoke to them quietly giving them the full run down of how we had been lied to and dominated and controlled in this lifetime, making it very hard to live exemplary lives. I went over the scenario with my father that I believed that all deaths were planned and that he either experienced the guilt of the deaths of his brother and his mother as a lesson or possibly he was being paid back for something that he did to one of them in another lifetime.

I told him that one thing I was sure of is that he would definitely know much more than either of us if he would walk into the light, and that I would call his angels and guides, brother, and parents to come get him if he was ready. I spoke out loud to my father and told him I forgave him, and I told him that I had spoken with my mother and she only half believed what I was saying but said she didn’t know if she could forgive him. He was a pretty heavy alcoholic and wasn’t the nicest guy sometimes. I told him that he had to forgive himself instead in order to feel like he could move on.

After about an hour of speaking to all of the invisible family and friends that I had with me, I sensed that it was a good time to beckon more light to come into the church at that time. I called upon everyone’s family, guides, angels, and friends to come forth and show them the way. I closed my eyes and felt joy within my heart and after a few moments felt I had done all I could do.

The next day was the fifth and final day of the seminar. We did other exercises for a half of the day and my grandmother came through instead of my father, just helping out the gals in the class hone in on exact items that I could verify for them. The second half of the day was spent with Mr. Van Praagh helping five students get up in front of the rest of the class of 50 people, and they brought messages through for five people in the class. My father was one of the spirits who got through out of the five.

The first thing we were taught to do was to being through confirmation. Guides work with each other on the other side to help the spirit come through with something that the student would relate to. My student happened to be able to actually see my dad with her third eye and in the first ten minutes or so described him to a “t” and verified some things to prove that it was my dad. Then the next things we were taught is to ask what message they wanted to give. At this time, Mr. Van Praagh took it upon himself to interrupt and to step forward. He told me that my grandfather was coming through, and that he wanted to tell me that my dad was with him. I began to cry and I said “that means that my dad crossed into the light”! Several of the women who had spoken to my dad gasped and sighed because all of them could feel the energy in the room, the joy that he made the decision overnight to join his family. Mr. Van Praagh confirmed that indeed that was the message and I just continued to sob with relief and joy.

Since having proof where I realized that I could not only speak to spirits but draw in the light that they might need in order to cross into it, I had sessions with my crystal pendulum where I would ask if there were any spirits who could “see” my light. I spoke with them in groups and hundreds upon thousands of them would begin to cross over in groups. I would ask how many went at a particular time by saying “more than a hundred?”, or “more than a thousand?” and waited for the yes or no answer.

I even felt like I helped aspects of my oversoul cross into the light. I spoke with other various people, a Catholic priest who had molested little boys and others who had committed crimes they were sure God would never forgive them for. I had some cases that took hours of sitting still while meditating and holding a pendulum. The questions that I needed to ask to identify who I was speaking to would come to me and I got really good with this process of communication. When spirits would cross into the light, the pendulum would begin to wildly swing into a circle which had previously been determined as being the sign for love. I would know that many beings were crossing when the pendulum would continue to arc very large circles and when they were through it would abruptly come to a stop, as it a vortex had closed.

I felt like that was my calling at the time and I have not performed one of these services in a while. It was quite a draining task for me to tune into and draw in the energy to do this. I do not suggest anyone out there just begin performing these services, however if there ever arises an opportunity then at least you have an example by which to draw from.

This is especially true for those who can see spirit. Besides helping them cross into the light, you could also tell them to leave you alone if you do not want to be in their company. The key is to not fear them as they are simply spirits and you happen to have your third eye capabilities wide open to see them. They are drawn to you because not too many people can see them or hear them, and a lot of them have messages they would like to give.

When psychic mediums give messages from spirit to those here still living, it helps both parties involved. Beautiful healing occurs not only with the living, the deceased, but also the medium and the people witnessing the messages.

Malevolent spirits

Malevolent spirits can seem scary, but if you encounter these on a regular basis it is imperative that you raise your vibrational level above their reach. These spirits will be repelled by the light and are only attracted to those whom they can prey on. Fear is something that you think you do not have until you are faced with one of these spiritual hitchhikers. If you have troubled getting rid of these types of dis-incarnate spirits, you may need to seek professional help from a paranormal investigator or specialist.

Earth’s transition out of the fourth dimensional experience

Earth’s body and consciousness will be shifting into the fifth dimension and she will invite all of the spirits, incarnate or dis-incarnate stay with her if they choose the higher vibration. Due to the Universal Law of Vibrational Attainment, no spirit will be able to stay on her of she is vibrating at a much higher level than them. Many people in the spiritual circles work on clearing the astral realms of lost souls- helping them to find the light. Some lightworkers are also clearing the astral realms of lower vibrational trickster beings. These tricksters are given the choice to return to the light for another existence or they are sent to the higher order of angels to be reconstituted back to another form of matter.

Having compassion without judgment for those who have lost their way on the other side is an excellent way to serve. Another service we can give is to help those who are close to death transmute their fear of dying. Sharing articles like these and thousand of others, as well as assuring them that there is nothing to fear but the guilt and judgment that they put upon themselves helps them to make the choice to move on.

If they are willing, you could even work on helping them to transmute that guilt and fear with prayer and intention to ensure they have a smooth transition all the way around the bad stuff and directly into the arms of angels, guides, and family on the other side.


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