She is not your regular cup of tea and she is definitely not an open book. 

A spiritual, free-spirited woman is not something you see every day. A specimen so rare that is almost impossible to meet on a random date.

She will unquestionably peer into your soul and show your places of your intimate self you never knew existed.

Here we give you a short list why dating a spiritual woman might be the best decision you can possibly make:

1. She Sees Meaning In Everything 

She has universe on speed dial. Over time, she learnt to read the signs and clues and she firmly believes that everything happens for a reason, even your presence in her life. To a spiritual woman, nothing happens randomly, everyone and everything has a mission to fulfill. For her, if you are in her life even for a time, temporary, it is because you will give her life a new direction, a new memory or something new to learn.

2. She Is Authentic And Down-To-Earth

She won’t pretend to be something she isn’t. She is well aware of her own virtues and flaws and accepts them completely. You won’t see her living a life in denial.

With her, you will always be in the clear, because what you see is what you get.

3. She Never Stops Growing 

A woman well aware of her self is always on the move. There is not a single stagnant thing in her life. She is always learning, she is always improving, she is always growing.

Her mindset keeps her going and believing there is always room to grow.

She might seem perfect to you, but she will often find aspects of her that need improvement.

4. She Will Love You Unconditionally 

Whatever you do, never doubt her love. If she tells you she loves you, take it for a fact, because if it wasn’t so, she wouldn’t even there to word it out. She is familiar with the wisdom of life. You won’t fail to notice that when she loves, she loves with everything she’s got, like there is no tomorrow.  To simplify, she is always overflowing with love and kindness, and it’s always unconditional. She won’t ask you for anything in return.

6. She Is Never Afraid Of The Unknown 

People, in general, find it very difficult to accept new things, especially if it’s something they don’t understand.

However, a spiritual woman is a different story. She embraces the unknown and understands that there is more to this world than meets the eye.

The fact that there is so much to life, to the world, to the universe for that matter, is something that gives her a new high and it doesn’t scare her at all.

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