by Conscious Reminder

As we all know, Empaths are people with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.

Similarly sexual empaths are people whose sensitivity multiplies during love-making, which also helps in increase of their ability to feel.

Now this might sound really fancy, but it isn’t so. There is no such thing as “casual love-making” or even “casual flirting” when it comes to empaths.

Empaths are known to have an old soul and do not believe in the modern way of loving. They do not completely defy it but they just aren’t quite in favour of it. They just don’t prefer it personally.

This is because empaths have a very adapting soul. We all know that empaths tend to pick up energies from other people. This is the reason why they do not allow toxic people in their lives.

It is the same case when it comes to matters like intimacy. During love making, the energies of two people tend to combine. Either an empath can pick up absolute pleasure or supreme stress while love making.

It all depends upon the person they are making love with. It is very important for a sexual empathy to share intimacy with the right person.

There is no way that we can absolutely be sure about a person. People don’t come with tags. And at the end of the day, sexual empaths are just humans too. They also choose wrong people to have a sexual bond with and it disturbs a lot of things in their lives.

After sharing a sexual bond with a wrong person, an empath tends to be afraid, nervous, anxiety ridden and even embittered. This is why they don’t trust people with themselves.

However, over time there are a couple of methods which have evolved to solve this issue. Tantra is one of them. Tantra is an ancient practice that combines sexuality and spirituality via body-centred exercises.

These sessions increase your sexual energy and keep it flowing to maximize your powers of attraction rather than allowing this energy to go dormant during the waiting period.

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