To start off with, no this isn’t the “I don’t have a partner so I’ll throw shade on relationships and glorify being single” kind of an article.

This is purely from the perspective how I’ve seen in and mind you, I’ve been single for a long hell time.  I’ve witnessed a couple of changes. You absolutely are allowed to differ but at least, try to read it with an open mind.

We live in a generation where people jump from one relationship to another just to avoid being alone. A single moment with an empty spot causes excruciating pain. That’s why we run from distraction to distraction and attachment to attachment. We are so desperate to change our relationship statuses on Facebook and to upload “couple goals” pictures on Instagram that we tend to lose out on life. We stop being self sufficient. Life is more than just good morning texts.

Yes, there are worse things than being alone.

So here are 8 great things that will happen when you’ve been single for a while. It’s not that bad being alone, after-all.

1. You aren’t afraid of being alone

In time, you’ll realize that it’s ok to watch a movie alone or to visit a newly opened cafe. Being alone will no longer scare you. You will be content and whole with your own presence. You’ll find out that it gives you more time to think of things in a depth.

2. You got your own back

Either its Google or your intuition and mind that you start relying on for help. You don’t depend on people for help anymore. (Moms are an exception)

3. You like doing things on your own

You’ll start taking charge of your own life. Even if you make a blunder, you’ll pick yourself up and learn from it. You won’t wait for anyone to appreciate you.

4. Independence will be your friend

The only think you’ll fear parting from will be your freedom and peace. They will become your first priority.

5. You’re allowed to be selfish

You won’t be judged for wanting to eat the last slice of pizza.  *teary eyes*

6. You make your rules

You know that at the end of the day, you have to face yourself in the mirror. You take charge of your actions. Nobody can change the rules you made for yourself.

7. Goal driven

The only pressure you’ll face is the one that’s related to your career. You’ll be focused in what you want to achieve and trust me, that work like a drug.

8. You set your standards of love

You know what you exactly want from a person. Even though ready to compromise, you aren’t ready to change yourself for anyone.

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