A lot of people have approached me asking how to be/stay vegan in a family of meat eaters. This question arises because sometimes our family members fail to understand our Vegan lifestyle.  So to help you deal with this problem, we bring this guide for you.

Talk to your family

Just like any other family issue, this also can be solved with proper communication. When you start your vegan journey, you should tell your family members why it is important for you and how you want them to support you.

Also, explain all the nuances of being a vegan like health reasons, moral reasons, personal choices etc.  Also, tell your family what vegan lifestyle is, tell them exactly which all food you want to avoid.

Research alternate meals

You can have thousands of delicious recipes for vegan food and should inform your family members about all the alternative foods that you can have for nutritional supplementation.

If they are be aware about the alternative foods and their easy availability, then they are more likely to shift towards veganism. And even if they do not adopt it completely, they will not have any problem to have a vegan meal or two per week.


You can make the experience of vegan food night pleasurable for everyone by contributing a little extra in it. Your contribution can include chipping in extra money to make up for the added vegan cost or to cook for everyone for this one night. Even small gestures of help like asking them if they need any help; are also very helpful.

Don’t judge

The most important thing that you should keep in your mind is that you must not judge them even if they do not accept your vegan lifestyle. All you can do is to ask constructive questions.

I hope this helps answer some of the questions that we had at hand.

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