If there’s a narcissist in your life, they’ll want to have complete control over every part of you. They use certain techniques of manipulation to instill fear in you so that you will act according to their wishes. This is what they will do:

1. They’re your responsibility

All the drama in a narcissist’s life happens only because they want it to. But they’ll make you feel like it’s your fault. As an empathy, you already care, more so because they’re so close to you. You’ll think that you will have to be responsible for any mistakes they make.

2. You’re indebted to them

The narcissist would have treated you to an amazing time when they were seducing you and now you’ll think that you have to give them something in return. You’re naturally a nice person who would prefer to return a favor whenever possible and the narcissist will only intensify this feeling.

3. Your guilt will be used against you

As an empath, you will hesitate to take the path you know is right if it means having to hurt someone, even if it is for their own good or for yours. When you try to break from the narcissist, the guilt of that attempt alone will force you back to where you started.

4. You want to be their savior

There’s nothing you like better than healing other creatures. You firmly believe that there is some good in everyone which can be brought out with a little help. The narcissist will take advantage of this because they are quite aware that you won’t leave as long you are trying to save them.

5. You can’t let go of your beliefs

In a society which seems to have a very loose hold over its values, you are one of the few still fighting for what you believe in. You can’t stand to see anyone around being overpowered by lust and greed so you do your best to help them turn themselves around, except in this case it won’t work.

6. You don’t believe in quitting

You don’t give up easily and you’ve faced quite a few hurdles before this. Till now you’ve always persevered and kept moving. You do this because you feel like it’s the right thing to do and the narcissist will only take advantage of this feeling.

7. You have to know that you’ve done all that is possible

For your own peace of mind, you need to know that you’ve given it all that you had. It is in your nature to think about how things would have turned out if you’d made different choices and this keeps you from leaving the narcissist even though they’re hurting you.

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