Whenever we get close to the 14th of February, we being to think of innovative ways to tell our partners how much we care about them. However, why make this day special, when no other day is different. 

This article will show you an easy way of opening up the center of your heart so that both of you can genuinely live in the moment, and it is as good to practice it any day, not just the 14th February.

This is something that goes much deeper than store bought gifts but don’t try it if you’re not ready.

The Technique

This practice is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and it serves to efficiently open up any blockages that might be preventing our relationships from flourishing. Luckily, it’s not a very difficult thing to do. As a matter of fact, anyone could do it.

You just need to tap your fingers on certain areas of your face and your body. As you tap, you need to chant a mantra that will help you forgive what you can and accept all that you can’t.

By tapping on these areas, you’re activating hidden energy pathways throughout yourself. These pathways are called meridians. Chinese scholars have known about these areas for millennia and they possess a great understanding of the power that can be unleashed through them. They have practiced techniques similar to this for almost three thousand years.

An essential element of the EFT technique is that you must first forgive yourself. It’s more difficult to let go of your own mistakes than it is to forgive the mistakes of others.

But by holding on to the resentment we feel for ourselves, we will remain stuck in the same unsatisfactory cycles, which will keep us from feeling truly happy and from loving without fear.

So whenever you feel emotionally mature and ready enough to make some changes and let true love shine through your heart, give this technique a try, you may get surprised by it’s power and efficiency.