People with low self-esteem understand each other very deeply. We know that if something goes wrong, we will be blaming ourselves for it. Since we understand our insecurities, we try to comfort each other in every little way.

However those who don’t hate themselves can’t relate to certain things we do, as they experience things differently.

Those of us who are slowly trying to heal and move forward know how difficult the entire process is. This is why there are four favors that others can do for us low self- esteem souls to help us in our journey.

1. Forgive

We are not asking you to forgive us for our low self-esteem but forgive us when we keep apologizing constantly for everything. It stems from our self hatred as we feel that we are the reason for all that’s wrong and so please remind us that it’s not always our fault.

2. Accompany us to where we need to go

Often people with self-esteem issues enjoy at least one activity that makes them feel a little better about themselves. Be it singing or painting or anything positive, it brightens our day and helps us in our progress. If you can find out such thing without crossing any boundaries then help us continue with it.

3. Make simple decisions for us

We feel extremely pressured when we are asked to choose from a plethora of options, even more so if it’s in public, making us go into mute paralysis. It arises due to insecurities and self-loathing. Therefore make certain choices for us and give us some relief, as we slowly learn to tackle it in private.

4. Remind us that everything will be okay

Throughout our lives we have been made to believe that we are the reason why things are always going to go wrong for us. This is why it’s important that you reassure us that things will be fine.

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