Over time we learnt that earth’s crystalline grid acts as a shielding net of light around us. This shield ensures that the increasing intensity of conscience of earth is not lost into the space.

The Earth resides inside of us and not outside. The connection with God is not different than that with the earth. A special arrangement of gems can be used to alter, bend and focus the energy of universe or a person in order to perform healing.

Such patterns formed with gems can be used to create specific symbols apart from their applications in healing. The specific arrangement for enhanced healing is meant to increase the waves of energy.

Large sized structures like Stonehenge, labyrinth, etc have been used over a long people of time to protect mankind and they have been developed further by new experts. Among other powerful uses of the crystal grids are that they can be made to generate a web around you for protection, isolation or even cleansing.

While performing an emulation, an alchemist may create an energy generative spiral outwards to amplify the reach of crystal grid. The practitioner must always remember to give importance to the integral parts of the grid when constructing it.

We advise the use of a few subordinate elements that can drastically enhance the intensity of your spiritual vibrations.

How to use a crystal grid for healing of earth?

You start with using the elements of mother earth to align your energy grid with that of earth using the crystals. From the Nature’s guidance and your own creativity, use the triskelion symbol build a cluster of small healing grids.

As per your intuition, lay glass, wood, quartz and stone to form the grid on the board while filling the bottom with sand or tiny pebbles. Quarts play a crucial role in amplifying the energies that are capable of healing river and oceans.

Be blessed with the natural flow of healing as you realize that the entire process is refreshing and delightful.

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