When the two twin flames are finally together, their energy vibrations are off the charts. They are completely submerged in this high energy field and no one can prepare for, or anticipate such an experience.

If not handled carefully, so much energy can also be very harmful to the relationship as well as it can be very demanding for both the partners. Unless their energies are in harmony with each other they will find it difficult to find peace.

Self Ego: The Destructive Force

People think that the energy imbalance occurs because the energy of the Twin Flame is causing disturbance in their own energy field. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The turbulence we feel is the result of our own personal demons.

If we can’t reign in our self-ego, we will let loose a deluge of negative emotions such as insecurity and fear. And with these feelings it is very difficult to find happiness in any relationship.

The self-ego, by default also lowers our energy- which leads to us drifting away from our twin flame. The aim of the twin flames is to raise each other’s frequency to the level of Universal vibrations so that the two can together ascend into that higher realm. Our self-ego hinders that process of becoming one with our twin flame.

How to get rid of it?

We will not find the solution for our crisis anywhere in the outside world. We will have to look deep within ourselves, allowing us to face our conscious and subconscious mind and finally face our inner demons. We keep running away from our fears, or take the help of drugs and the likes to forget about them. But that just makes it worse.

We also have to become vulnerable and open to love. So many times one of the Flames keeps running away from the other because they don’t think they deserve love, leading to the runner-chaser phase.

But they have to let themselves be loved and only then will the two of them be able to achieve spiritual ascension, together.

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