If you had an emotionally absent mother as the only female figure in your life during your formative years, you’d find initiating and maintaining relationships with other women doesn’t come easy to you.

Here are some points which can help you get over this inhibition, have a more fruitful life and also to finally break that chain of apathy.

Choose the women you want to engage with, instead of helplessly entertaining those who are definitely there to feed off your insecurities. You will find beautiful friends amongst those who are emotionally stable and strong and can reciprocate your love in a healthy manner.

Be the master of your own relationships and don’t hold back from cutting ties if you feel it’s in your best interest.

Be aware that you do not replicate the relationship you had with your mother. Stay away from those women who are distant emotionally. Familiar might sound comforting but it’s not healthy.

Find friends who have a healthy attitude about themselves and their life in general. Naysayers, cribbers and all those who spread negativity can stay out of your life.

Having an emotionally absent mother meant a childhood full of rejection. The way how most people deal with such a life is to build up walls against future intimacy because they don’t want the same hurt again.

But, you need to be brave enough to face rejection and you will find something that will make all of it worth it.

In the same vein, you might also have had a habit of keeping your cards close to you. Not letting others in or to know your emotions. But you will have to open up if you want to have a genuinely healthy relationship with other women.

Have fun. Don’t be scared of trying on new things. Life’s for living and not fearing heartbreak all the time.

Stop listening to that inside voice which tells you that you cannot have good friends.

And most important, actively try to not turn into your own mother. Learn to move on from your pain instead of dwelling on it.

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