It is  “an exact art and a subtle science” as Professor Snape had very famously said.

Stubborn people make life difficult, simple as that; they make work difficult and conversations even more so.

This is because it is really tough to have a conversation with someone who is inflexible and not even ready to listen to the other side of the story.

We have tried to compile 5 ways that might just make life easier for you when you have to get a job done through someone who is difficult and stubborn.

1. Mirror them

This is a conventional interview technique. You mirror the movements of the person in front of you and you repeat more or less the words they say. After a while, you slowly dose in your own point of view, in a subtle polite way. This will help you get the job done in a smooth way without hassle and not even anger the person you managed to manipulate.

2. Avoid contact

If and when possible, avoid. “Run Forrest Run!” This will make your day go smoother and better. But his might not be possible all the time however, as unavoidable circumstances may arise.

3. Be mute

When possible and if you can gulp your rage down, try to not fight back. Try to bite your tongue down and avoid the fight. Rhetoric can backfire sometimes and you might actually get into an argument with said person. This will only just mar your day and nothing else.

4. The phrase, “I should tell you” or “I should let you know”

Apparently, according to Ellen Hendriksen, this phrase can mellow down sharp and direct feedback yet get the message home. For example: I should let you know I don’t entertain appointments at home.

5. Acknowledge them kindly

Kindness is the answer to your problems. When you acknowledge a difficult person’s stubborn behaviour and at least listen to them, it brings their anger level down by at least half. That’s all they want: recognition and understanding.

Hope you can apply these in real life.

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