A twin flame relationship is extremely special but difficult to handle. Sometimes we often mistake someone wonderful as our spiritual twin, although they aren’t, when we feel they’re perfect for us.

However they help us to understand and clear bad karma to get ready for the real spiritual twin. These 15 characteristics will help you identify the real spiritual twin from the false one.

1. Both are very similar

Being with the true spiritual twin, you’ll realize that the false one also had similar characteristics which ended up confusing you.

2. False twin brings forth past troubles

In a relationship with your true spiritual twin, the problems that arise are of the future. Whereas while cleansing karma, you’ll find problems arising out of past mistakes, fears etc.

3. False twin teaches you to help yourself whereas real twin teaches to help others

False twin helps us when we need some change. True twin helps us to change the lives of others.

4. Commitment of false twin fades in difficult times while true twin stays

When troubles arise, false twin leaves whereas true twin will always stay with you no matter what.

5. False twin causes discomfort whereas real twin makes you comfortable

True twin makes you feel at ease and happy when you’re with them, despite the circumstances.

6. Connection with real twin will always be clear unlike false twin

The connection with true twin is filled with breaks and calm. However break and settlement with false twin is turbulent and short-lived.

7. False twin causes doubt whereas real twin brings you security

Relationship with fake twin will always fill you with doubts and uncertainty which won’t be the case when you’re with the real twin.

8. False twin arrives when you need to be awakened while true twin comes when you need to get up

When you awaken, you feel your inner strength. When you rise, you start applying it.

9. The intentions of the right twin will always be clear unlike that of false twin

Relationship with false twin will always be strenuous and hard. Connection with right twin will seem natural and effortless.

10. False twin will give false hope which real twin won’t

Your false twin shared the same chemistry with others as well whereas your real twin hasn’t had any close relationship before you.

11. Real twin is inspired by your success, fake twin is afraid of it

True twin will always be happy and supportive whereas fake twin will make you feel guilty.

12. Real twin will show what to do to succeed whereas fake twin will ask you to change

Fake twin makes you realize what hinders your progress by opening up past wounds but real twin help you understand what need to be done.

13. False twin inspires you to awaken, real twin does it with you

Relationship with real twin benefits both whereas it benefits one in a relationship with false twin.

14. You’ll share same dreams with your real twin

Your fake twin however has slightly different ideals and expectations from life.

15. You will be sure about your real twin unlike your false twin

You will always feel pain with your false twin but being with your real twin helps you grow and mature.

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