Everyone already knows the importance and impact of holistic healing processes such as yoga, meditation and the likes. But most of these are essentially solo practices which focus on self healing only.

However, like in life, interpersonal connections are important in healing as well. Eye gazing is one way by which you can heal yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually, and another by forming a connection with them.

The connection

When we hold the gaze of another person, we are initiating a very strong bond with them. But, how much do we allow ourselves to look directly into the eyes of another human being. Our world today is so fast and technologically dependent that adults have nearly forgotten to make eye contact.

Even in most of our relationships, we follow a transactional model. But with eye gazing, we can finally have a true connection with the other person as we share and experience it simultaneously.

And it is no surprise that of your personal life has strong bonds; you would be happy and healthy overall. We naturally feel better when we know that we have good emotional connection with someone and eye contact enhances this feeling manifold.

The practice

Eye gazing is not a new fad that just came into being out of nowhere. It has been practiced in the Buddhist tradition for centuries. The present day eye gazing sessions are held under the watchful eye of a facilitator who pairs up all the participants.

The participants make eye contact, ranging from one minute to five without speaking anything and experiencing the ups and downs in the emotions of their partner through their eyes.

How does it heal?

When we look into the eyes of another, our emotions are mirrored in their eye. We feel a sense of connection with them, which reminds us of the essential unity we have with everything in the universe.

It also enhances meditation because when we are open enough to be vulnerable to the other, we also deepen our own spiritual experience.

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