An existential crisis is a tough time to handle. On the one hand you are thinking too much, reflecting on so many things that matter. Your entire worldview might change after having gone through such an experience.

But alternatively, it is also very stressful and if not handled correctly can spiral out of hand very quickly. Depression and phobia and other mental anguish can result from a poorly handled crisis. The best solution is to prepare yourself for one, and the first step is to recognize if you’re having a crisis.

Here are the 5 indicators of an existential crisis:

1. Being anxious a lot:

This is the trademark sign of an existential crisis. Anxiety and a lot of mental fatigue can take anyone unawares. Your mind is being constantly assaulted with multiple memories and thoughts most if which are negative. And trying to maintain a semblance of calm so that others can’t see the turmoil inside you will only aggravate the whole thing.

2. Not happy about having company:

The fatigue takes its toll when you no longer feel like interacting with anyone socially. Again, your own mind is so full of its own thoughts that understanding and responding to someone else seems like a Herculean task and you’d much rather be alone.

3. Lots of Pessimistic thoughts:

Another indicator of an existential crisis is that you feel defeated and dejected even before you have taken the first step towards something. This is because such a condition springs from either a highly stressful or traumatic experience and so it is natural that you’d feel pessimistic about other things in life.

4. A feeling of helplessness and being lost:

Now that everything you’ve thought true is being put into question, you re suddenly not sure what your place in the world is. You are clueless about the future as well as the present

5. A changed diet:

It’s not just your brain which suffers when you are going through a crisis. Your body too shows signs of mood swings and changes in sleep patterns. Your food habits too might change radically.

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