Even the sturdiest of couples cannot take the burn of Long distance relationships. Let’s get real; they are hard, very hard.

And it is not exactly a walk in the park when you have to go through your days without even meeting your partner for once. It is a very baffling and draining experience indeed.

But think about it, isn’t it worth the bafflement and the longing if the person on the other side of the Skype call is your soulmate. After all, how many people are lucky enough to even find your soulmate, and here you are giving up on the One because the geography (and not chemistry) of your relationship wasn’t right.

Long distance relationships can work and there are a few things which can ensure that all that waiting can be worth it.

Even though it is a no-brainer, being in touch can keep the spark of your romance alive, distance no bar. We are living in the age of instant internet and no distance seems too far for the ones who are willing to give it a shot.

Other than regular phone calls, you also need to keep them alive in your memories. Keep replaying your favorite moments from the past. And anytime you feel your faith is dwindling, make a list of all those things which you like about them, it is known to help.

And in your phone calls and occasional meetings, try picturing a future together. First of all, it will keep the hope for your relationship alive. Secondly it will also help you to plan and work for the future you want instead of grumbling about the distance.

And the most important of all, do not let doubt and misunderstanding creep in where it has no right to be. It is crucial that both the partners are open about their lives with each other for trust to blossom.

But remember: don’t overdo these points if you feel that there is no adequate result. You don’t have to suffer to make it work. If it’s meant to be, it will come to pass.

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