Zodiac signs have intrigued man since time immemorial. The Celts lived in the lap of nature and imbibed the various aspects of the environment.

While the Full Moon and alignment of the stars play a pivotal role in astrology, the Celts focused on the animals they felt connected with. Each powerful totem or Celtic animal sign holds endless possibilities, find yours now:

Stag/Deer: December 24 – January 20

Those who fall under the stag or deer clan are the dreamers and achievers. Patience and perseverance in transforming their ideas into reality is unparalleled. They know who they are and are proud of their journey. People who belong to this clan will help you reach your goal and help you stay focused. Their regal persona is often mistaken as snobbish but they are truly genuine and immensely hardworking.

Cat: January 21 – February 17

People who fall under the cat sign are creative, artistic and very intelligent. They have a strong ‘sixth sense’ and always have fresh perspectives. If you want out of the box ideas, you need to ask a cat for his or her opinion. They may appear distanced as they like to be on the fringe but are warm and kind hearted people. They are great artists and observers.

Snake/Adder: February 18 – March 17

Snakes are by far the most curious of the signs – they strive to understand the inner workings of everything around them even if they are not directly asking questions. Their passion is contagious and they can easily persuade people.  They are impulsive and arbitrary. Snakes hate being cornered and will be unproductive on such occasions. They have great communication and management skills. They always want things to go their way and on rare occasions it may border on manipulation.

Fox: March 18 – April 14

The seductive and enigmatic fox steal the spotlight with their presence. They radiate energy and joie de vivre. They are always ready to jump into adventures and will pull you in. They have a soft side which is overpowered by their magnetic persona. They are smart, loyal, amazing storytellers and brave.

Bull/Cow: April 15 – May 12

The Bull or Cow sign is the most down to earth of the signs. They are balanced and calm in all trials of life. They can understand a person’s nature within moments and can distinguish real from fake. They value honesty and hate liars. If you think you can change their stance about something, you’re wrong as they are very stubborn. Cows make great advisers and friends.

Seahorse: May 13 – June 9

People who fall under the Seahorse sign are intellectuals and it becomes difficult to follow their complex strain of thought. Numbers and patterns rule their life which makes them perfect for financial careers. You can always count on their elegant taste and secret keeping skills. They are lovable and open hearted people who are highly intuitive.

Wren: June 10 – July 7

Wrens always have their sunny side up no matter how difficult life gets. They face struggles with a smile and will inject positivity in you. They are born leaders and are responsible. They work really hard but would ideally want to leave the adventurous life of a vagabond.

Horse: July 8 – August 4

Those people who fall under the Horse sign are larger than life. They are role models who ooze charm and confidence. They are extremely competitive which makes them successful in leadership and management. They will help you provided they get their recognition and are talented. They are headstrong and carry themselves with élan.

Salmon/Fish: August 5 – September 1

The Salmon/Fish are the dreamers of the world. They see the world through their creative and artistic lens which is difficult for others to follow. They gravitate towards careers in the arts such as poets, musicians and artists. If you can keep them on earth for some time, they will make great visionaries due to their innovation and insight.

Swan: September 2 – September 29

They believe that “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”. They are elegant, refined and have extremely high standards. They are extremely passionate in their relationships, equally focused at work and have a style of their own. They are calm and composed which is often mistaken for detachment.

Butterfly: September 30 – October 27

They indeed are “social butterflies” who are the life of every party. They love to be among people and are charismatic. They are gentle dreamers who cannot be chained. They are empaths and can be the silver lining to your dark days. They commit to many things that they cannot manage which often results in them coming across as flaky and unreliable. They can never hurt anyone on purpose.

Wolf/Hound: October 28 – November 24

Wolves are fearless, able to face anything that life throws their way while continuing to stand strong and proud. They achieve this by internalizing all semblance of emotion, hiding struggles from their loved ones. This behavior bags the title of the ‘lone wolf’ who can be rude owing to their brutal honesty.

 Hawk/Falcon: November 25 – December 23

Those that fall under the hawk or falcon sign are sure about what they want, and will solely focus on achieving it. They are knowledgeable and philosophical. They are open-minded, generous and usually do not change their grounded opinions.

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