Like every coin has two sides; this time we take a look at the dark side of these signs.


They take advantage of their freedom believing that they are above the rest. They are less generous and lose temper easily.


They are money minded and inclined towards acting bossy to fellow mates. Usually they are so stubborn that they even lose direction at times.


Gemini can be manipulative and vindictive lest they choose to misuse their brains.


No matter how good a time it is, they cannot stop being grumpy about stuff. They may be protective towards people that matter to them, but they also wouldn’t hesitate in using them for their personal gain.


They’re most egotistical and cannot tolerate someone else getting all the attention. They’re also control freaks and get easily insecure about
others’ success.


Despite how unadulterated something you may present to them, they’d find a way to make it look like there’s something wrong


They don’t usually hesitate in lying or twisting things to make things work in their favor. Liberians seldom make real friends.


Scorpion are the obsessed ones. They pursue what they want to, regardless. Getting someone to betray their own is something they can arrange for.


Sagittarius have been found killing fun hours at parties and celebrations. You cannot trust them on their word.


Capricorns are distrustful and cynical beings who are so mundane that they are even capable of causing depression to others.


They are hard to debate with. Aquarians are mostly sarcastic and intimidating. Their objectivity often comes in the way of being normal.


Pisces are weak and meager. They struggle organizing their business and place where they put up. The ineffective utilization of resources causes them losses all the time. They hardly find a way to figure out their work.

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