Empaths and Narcissists are absolute opposites.

Empaths are notorious for being too “soft” and giving attention easily, while narcissists revel under the care and attention of others, basking in the limelight.

This makes for a deceptively happy but parasitic bond that ends in a lot of pain for the empath. This is usually how an empath-narcissist relationship pans out.

1. The fairy-tale beginning.

In the beginning, the empath and the narcissist seem to complement each other. The empath feels they have someone who will not snub them for complimenting endlessly, while the narcissist feels they have found someone who will be able to satisfy their insatiable hunger for attention.

2. The give-and-take policy prospering.

The empath, true to their nature, falls head over heels in love and quickly agrees to the idea of giving up everything for their narcissist, who they think feels the same way about them. The latter, on the other hand, only settles into the comfort of being loved uncompromisingly. The concept of loving back doesn’t even occur to them.

3. The downhill motion begins.

After a while the empath realises that they are lacking the love they need, and they try to get the point across to the narcissist. The narcissist, as is their nature, puts all the blame on the empath. They try to make the empath feel that something’s wrong with them, that they are not trying enough. And more often than not, the empath believes it.

4. The storm building up.

At one point of time, even the empath feels that they have had enough. They change their approach, taking the narcissist’s way of dealing with the subject. But the narcissist just feels wronged and betrayed.

5. The breaking off.

The empath is finally wrung dry of all affection for the narcissist and gives up on the relationship. Once more the narcissist blames it all on their empath partner who takes it all in.

6. A new journey.

They learn that they require love and respect too, and learn self-love. The narcissist realises nothing and moves on, sooner or later finding another inexperienced empath to prey on as an emotional vampire.

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