We all believe that we are being guided in our journey of life.

And this belief is more or less what brings us all together. But, it is also very common place to start doubting our faith.

When it seems that we have no guidance at all, or even worse when we feel that the guidance is showing us a path which is clearly not an option.

What are such instances and what is to be done when faced with such a problem. Read on to know more about it.

Sometimes it seems that our spiritual guide has lost their edge. This is because even though we see all sorts of signs from the universe, we can hardly make sense of them.

Or rather, we see the signs urging us to do something, and we follow them dutifully, but all to no avail.

It can be frustrating and heartbreaking to think that you are doing everything in your power to follow what the universe is trying to tell you and yet you just can’t seem to catch a break.

Nothing works as it should be, there is no help at all, and more often than not it feels like you’re on a wild goose chase.

But, none of it is by chance. Even though it seems like the universe is being random, but there is a method to that randomness which can never be completely discredited.

In such moments it is very natural to feel anguish, but that is not the way to go.

Instead of being bothered by the universe’s lack of clarity, surrender yourself to its better judgment. Sometimes, not taking active participation can also work in your favor.

When you feel that you’ve done everything which was possible for you to do and yet there seems to be no result, give in to the universe and wait for it to weave its magic.

Things will fall into place and in ways which you couldn’t even have imagined. Ask the Universe for help, and help will come your way.

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