There has been a lot of confusion over the two kinds of spiritual relationships and people often confuse their soulmates to be their twin flames.

Although they might seem similar on the surface, there is quite a significant difference between the two.


We can encounter many soulmates in one lifetime. They can come in our life in the form of our friends, relatives, teachers and sometimes even lovers. They come when we need to learn something from them and grow spiritually. Sometimes when they have done their part they go away as silently as they entered our lives. We can have many soulmates during the course of just one lifetime.

Here are the signs of being in a Soul mate dynamic-

  • It feels like it was your destiny to meet them
  • You learn a lot about yourself and spirituality
  • You face challenges which alter your perspectives in life on many occasions
  • They may help you heal by addressing traumas which you have suppressed
  • The intensity of your connection might change over time, especially when the lesson which you needed has been learnt
  • They bring significant life change

Twin Flames

Not everyone necessarily has a Twin Flame. Twin Flames happen when our energy expands so much that it tears into two halves. These two halves can spend many lifetimes coming in contact and trying to unite again. But it doesn’t come so easily. This is why twin flames are much more hard work. But when they do ascend together, they impact not just each other, but the entire universe.

Here are the signs of being in a Twin Flame Relationship-

  • Not necessarily a romantic relationship and yet the connection you feel with them is unprecedented, and its intensity remains the same
  • Challenges which you face are directed inwards rather than depending on the other person
  • More than learning, your union is about creating something together
  • You don’t need to be in close proximity to feel your connection with this person
  • The relationship will help you prepare for your ascension

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