We are surrounded by people who are all trying to be something they are not. And in such case, a weirdo is the one who’d feel like a fresh breath of air.

They have the guts to be true to themselves and once you’ve met such a person, you won’t be able to stay away from them. And when you find such a partner, your world is in for the most random, as well as beautiful change.

Here’s how they will change your life forever.

1. They don’t hold on to stuff. Everyday something new attracts their attention and they’d rather pursue that instead of focusing on the past.

2. They will not have any set notions of what conventions are to be expected from relationships. They are happy with living in the moment.

3. Just like they are true to themselves, they will also help you being true to yourself. Be ready to meet the real, crazy you.

4. Once you’ve been with a weirdo, nothing will ever be the same again, and no one would be able to replace them.

5. They will always support you, when you want to follow your dreams and be who you really want to be.

6. Being with a weirdo will make you realize that other people and their opinions don’t really matter much. It is possible to make a world for yourself insulated from all of that.

7. Ever thought your ideas were just a little bit too outlandish? Guess who’s going to not just tolerate them, but to celebrate them.

8. And they will most definitely bring out the weirdo in you.

9. They sometimes get a bit too much to handle, but then, what’s life without a little drama

10. They will teach you to let things go and not be too harsh on yourselves.

11. And they are, hands down the best sex you are ever gonna get. Inhibitions are not made for them.

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