There is an inner child in all of us, lying dormant in a dark recess, waking to be shaken asleep. In some people, the inner child wanders, coming to the surface once in a while, during moments of pure joy.

So where does this innocent and simple side of us live?

In the heart

In our very being

This is the most basic layer of our personalities, before the layers of social ideas of right and wrong, good and bad were applied onto the mind. Before all hurt, unpleasant experiences, trauma and pain, lies this innocence. Just waiting to be awakened.

Thus, comes the next question.

How DO you awaken that inner child in you? The secret to achieving this awakening is that your innocent and pure consciousness only considers your recognition of it within.

When you see someone’s eyes light up at the remembrance of a fond memory or a favourite book, or playing with a pet, that’s their Divine spark calling to the child within them.

The inner child knows the happiness of communicating with abandon, without anxiety or care of social sanction.

Think back to moments in your childhood, the unparalleled awe and the dedication towards the simplest and trivial of tasks.

The joy of existence that a child feels, that has been suppressed and sent into a limbo to remain, deeper and deeper into sleep with every act of fate that has gone on to disillusion you and your hope in life as an adventure.

It is time to believe again, to feel as deeply as you did as a child, without reserve, feel every event as though that’s the only way to feel, and imbibe happiness into your heart and your very bones, nudging and kindling that sparkle in your eyes and that clear ringing laugh gurgling in your throat, struggling to tumble out.

As poetess Elizabeth Barrett Browning says to her lover, say to life,

“I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.”

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