All energy is just a manifestation of the collective Consciousness. We tend to attribute some quality to it by classifying energies as ‘positive’ and ‘negative’.  

We take the energy at face value and believe that whatever we think is negative should be avoided and only the positive should be kept. But this is just a misunderstanding.

Energy has no qualities till we attribute some to it. It is then ordered into templates that are merely a reproduction of the consciousness of each person. Next time when you’re facing a situation that’s not everything you want it to be, don’t pull away from it.

There’s no point worrying yourself. Understand that it is a negative time only because you think it is. Instead of avoiding it, you can change your perception of it.

Whenever you’re facing issues that you would rather avoid, just try to look at them in a different light. Act according to your desire because everybody else will do just that. They can’t transform themselves for your sake, but you can change yourself.

This is a necessary element in life. The way you perceive a situation is what makes it that way. For example, if you’re having an argument with your brother and you being to think that he is an idiot who thinks he’s superior to you, you believe that it is real.

It no longer matters what he thinks is real because you’ve already made up your mind.

Move your mind outside of the situation and look at it without any judgement. Think about what you can learn from it and once you’ve done that, keep moving forward.

Rather than judging him for his choices, actively choose harmony. If the argument shows you that you’re wrong somewhere, change yourself and let it go.

You can choose what you want to feel and if it is happiness, you must choose to keep it in your thoughts and share it with others in order to be happy.

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