The eyes that we have are used to seeing what’s real. But did you know, what we do see is an effect of our own consciousness? The things we see and what takes our attention, form an almost unbreakable loop.

When we fall in troubling situations, we try focusing on the problem in order to solve it. And what does this result in? The problem seems to become bigger and more difficult. It’s like an amoeba that multiplies.

We think and we think hard. This overthinking energizes the problem. If we want it to go away, situations become even worse. This is that dangerous loop.

The problem thus reaches its maximum capacity. Suddenly, a right choice is made at the right moment. Our consciousness changes, and that’s how the loop breaks.

However, on the contrary, we sometimes show a different attitude.

When we see something with our eyes that we do not actually like, our minds automatically understand what we would like seeing.

We start imagining it in our head, how beautiful that certain thing should have been. What an amazing experience it would be to see that.

As this happens, our consciousness projects into the reality that we are seeing. Slowly, the part we do not like become irrelevant.

The Universe goes forward in fulfilling the wish. And, we see the beauty in the same object.This is known to be the creative spiral.

Suchactions will get connected to the consciousness. And thus, the changes in our realities happen immediately. We reach a higher reality that belongs to us. Our experiences get connected with our new frequency.

Problems and troubling situations never stop coming in life. Trying to overthink about how to get past them will only make them worse.

Rather, try noticing the real things in life with peace in mind. Our eyes, the things we see, the reality and our consciousness, will all become one.

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