One should always be true to their inner self. There is no higher jury than the mother and father who reside within you.

If you keep in touch with them, they would show you the right direction and help you through all the decisions you make through your life.

In exchange of just saying no to all the negative habits that can potentially cause troubles to your relationships, you can be blessed with their support in achieving the spirited stability in life. All you need to do is get rid of the harmful dependences that keep you from rising to higher conscience levels.

The correct way to do it is by giving up the aforementioned kind of attachments because you cannot expect to get something unless you are willing to give.

Here, letting go everything that is nocuous to your spirit, can help you find guidance in bringing ‘peace’ to your conscience. You’re your spirit has reached the desired level; you can be set on the path of finding the “Heaven on Earth”.

As spoken about by the spiritual leaders, the heaven is not a physical location where you can be or be taken to. It is a state of mind and inner self which one finds once they have achieved peace.

You can reach there by practicing meditation and the act of giving in. If you can manage to find your way through the journey of evolving your soul, you will find the Heaven

Put up the follow set of questions to yourself:

Am I well-connected and aware of the spiritual state of my conscience?

Am I dedicating enough time to work on my spiritual, mental and physical health?

What is it that I do that makes a negative impact on that health?

Do I control my bond with myself or am I being dictated by greed?

Am I a genuine human being while I say the kind of a person I am?

Would I be okay with giving up the dependences that I have developed over time?

Do I ever listen to my conscience? What does it have to say about my spiritual health?

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