1. If he’s putting enough efforts to make your evenings special, he’s the one. Dating should be kept intriguing and fun for a healthy relationship.

2. He should always be approachable. That means always maintaining contact and sharing his day with you so you know where he’d be when you need him.

3. If he puts conscious effort into making sure that the spark of romance in your relationship keeps burning bright, don’t let him go. Romantic gestures are always welcome, whether 3 months or 3 years into the relationship.

4. If he’s paying equal attention to your pleasure as well his own inside the bedroom, he’s a keeper.

5. How he spends his money is also important. Always having ready money for partying and stuff feels good in the beginning but has serious long term implications if you don’t save appropriately.

6. Do his friends know about you? Have you been introduced to his family? How he treats them in front of you is also very important. Being respected and made to feel like a part of the group is a good sign.

7. The way he treats your family and friends is also an indicator of a happy relationship. If he brushes them off then you might want to do the same to him.

8. Do the two of you discuss things like mature adults or does it become a shouting match where only one can emerge as the winner.

9. If he helps you in the work around the house that means he understands that you two are in a partnership where everyone pulls their share.

10. Does he let himself go when it is just the two of you? You need to remind him that he needs to look charming even if it’s just for you.

11. Does he take care of your health and his own? Both of you need to be healthy to enjoy what you have.

12. And lastly, does he do everything in his power to see your smile as much as he can. Every day.

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