Life offers myriad possibilities to us every single day. Every second has something or the other to teach us. This is not just true empirically, that is, because of our daily experiences.

Nature paints such inexplicably beautiful pictures in every single little thing around us that it would take someone really cold to never wonder.

Life’s lessons are numerous too. There is the famous story of how Prince Siddhartha, on one of his tours of the republic, came across an old man, a sick man and a funeral procession. The events shook him, someone who had never seen poverty and mortality in his life and he decided to renounce the kingdom in favour of wandering and seeking enlightenment. The once-Prince, after years of searching, became the Buddha.

Keeping the religious side of this story aside, the Prince through nothing but life and exposure to life, ended up finding his calling. Life’s lessons however don’t just reveal themselves fully to anyone and everyone; because let’s face it, someone who would not be able to understand them, is not worthy of the knowledge.

This is where life’s purpose comes into discussion.

On this, Swami Vivekananda said, “Life is like a ship. Without purpose, it will get lost in the sea.” Purpose is the rudder that keeps us on track.

And it doesn’t even have to be too career-oriented. Purposes can be spiritual as well.  If Prince Siddhartha didn’t want to be a better ruler of his state, he wouldn’t have gone out of his luxurious palace in the first place. Purpose and lessons come hand in hand. It’s a cause and effect relationship.

They are the energies that keep you alive and your spiritual frequencies tuned to the universe. Without a purpose, there can never be a lesson that you will comprehend from life. You will probably pass the opportunity without even knowing that it was one.

Meditate and try to find a purpose to live for; meditate on wanting to be a more spiritually heightened being and a more conscientious one.

Use the same heightened feeling to pay attention to every little thing in life, in general. Lessons are but one step away.

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