Is there anyone around you who is so full of themselves that they don’t stop talking long enough to listen to someone else?

Narcissists would only be around till the point it serves their end of the deal. So it is better to identify and avoid such people rather than regretting it later. Here are a few pointers that will help you identify the narcissists around you.

1. They do everything possible to come out as the champion of every conversation. Be it overriding other people’s viewpoint, being sarcastic to the point of being rude or overzealous in any other way.

2. Those who are actually smart are usually humble. Narcissists are the exact opposite. They’d make a big deal out of everything they do or see. They want to make sure that everyone is always being attracted to their table.

3. Sometimes they seem to talk a lot about subjects which would require some serious research. Before you get awed by them double check the facts they are sprouting. They are expert at passing off fabricated information as the Holy Grail.

4. They have no empathy for others at all. Their plans, their pleasure, their happiness comes first of all and as long as you’re contributing to these you’d be treated well. But once it’s over, they couldn’t care less about you.

5. As mentioned above, they don’t care about your feelings. In fact they’d go to all lengths just to prove you wrong. They sometimes use a third party to validate their points. This is called triangulation.

6. They hold grudges with a vengeance. They will never forget a wrong done to them and their payback is often harsh and disproportional to the offence.

7. They are only ready to be the leaders and the face of the crowd as long as they don’t have to actually work for it. Send responsibilities their way and they’d out of the place right away.

8. They enjoy putting others under stress. It might seem like they are pushing you to work harder but they don’t really have anything good in heart for you.

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