Belonging to the fire sign, Aries is definitely not the one to keep quiet when something has bothered them. They are passionate and ruthless in their anger.


They are much more grounded and won’t be seen flying into fits of rage. However the fact that they down play their anger and harbor it inside makes them hold legendary grudges.


Like everything else in their life, the twins are also confused about their anger. They tend to forget easily but if you have managed to anger them they would badmouth you a lot.


Cancers too try to take the high road and not make a fuss if their anger. But they turn really passive aggressive when they are sitting atop a lot of resentment and can lash out easily.


Leo, a fire sign really brings on the heat in an argument. They won’t be kind or gentle when you have wronged them. They’ll be ruthless in their words but once everything is out, they cool down.


It is not easy to get a Virgo angry. But those people who manage to do so never seem to recover from the disgrace. 


Even though Libras don’t say much when something has hurt them that doesn’t mean they’ve either forgiven or forgotten. They’d keep it locked away safely to use later in an argument.


They are amongst the most dangerous of all. They form grudges and they don’t sit still till they’ve got their vengeance. Look out for signs early enough if you want to save yourself.


The final of the fire signs; Sagittarius too is no gentle lady when it comes to giving vent to their anger. Their sarcasm would be so on spot when they are angry.


Capricorn is an Earth sign and therefore they usually have their emotions under control. But when things get too out of hand they just blow up like a bomb.


They tend to handle anger well. Either they work it out by walking or other physical exercise or they confront the other party in a mature way.


They give way to their anger in personal space. They won’t shout at you, they’d rather break their own stuff

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