Spirituality is often seen as a lamp in the dark, guiding us through the labyrinth of life. But sometimes, this same spirituality can harm us.

When we use it to live life in denial of our problems, it can adversely affect both our spiritual and psychological selves.

Using spiritual beliefs and practices to shield ourselves from conflicts or disagreeable situations can hinder our mental and emotional growth and stop us from being one with our true selves.

Knowing as Spiritual Bypassing, the term was first coined in the 1980’s by psychologist John Welwood.

When we hide behind a curtain of spirituality and ignore unresolved issues, they are repressed and pushed into recesses of the subconscious mind, festering and feeding our demons.

We have all heard the saying that too much of something is never a good thing. It holds true in case of Spirituality as well.

There are certain ways to check to Spiritual Bypassing, and we can prevent ourselves from using Spirituality as a defence mechanism, if we know what to watch out for.

We think that detachment is the way to go, and resolutely avoid solving our internal turmoil.

Keeping up the facade of being okay becomes more important to us than going through even a temporary meltdown that will eventually heal us emotionally and psychologically.

Another disturbing symptom of Spiritual Bypassing is developing feelings of superiority and condescension towards people who we might feel are spiritually inferior to us.

This is a wrong attitude to foster and can cause us to intentionally or unintentionally hurt others, which goes against the very aim of spirituality.

Making mistakes is a human flaw, one that all of us have committed at point of time. It is an inbuilt instinct within us, which tries to avoid unpleasantness at all cost.

But procrastinating only makes problems bigger, more complicated, and difficult to deal with and get over. Denial is never the way to go.

Spirituality is to heal ourselves and overcome our obstacles and lead a healthier and more aware life.

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