I realized that I’m an empath quite early in life. However, I never expected this so called talent to come with so much pain.

Only yesterday, when I went to Walmart, the hurt felt by every other person there hit me like a tidal wave.  It was so quick that I could do nothing to stop it.

I tried so hard to let go of that negativity but I could even feel it in the morning. The real impact of the pain hit me only after some time and now I just feel sad, stressed and nauseous. It will go away in a while once I work on letting go but this isn’t a permanent solution.

When people acknowledge their suffering and their involvement in the sufferings of others, only then can we hope to be better. We have to understand that love is the basis of all that we are and do our best to cure ourselves.

Here are the traits of an empath

1. Erratic shifts in mood without any rhyme or reason. You can’t find the words to describe these swings.

2. Whenever you’re in a large group of people, you begin to feel anxious and frustrated. You run a whole gamut of emotions so you feel exhausted by the time you leave.

3. You become the confidante of many.

4. Whoever is with you feels more open and are ready to talk about their innermost secrets.

5. There’s an overwhelming urge to spread happiness.

6. Your gut tells you the right thing to say at all times.

7. It is not easy for you to express what you are feeling.

8. You forgive others easily even when they mistreat you.

9. Healing comes naturally to you.

10. All sorts of negative energies are attracted to you because you are a receptor.

11. You accept the fact that you will end up unhappy most of the time even though you don’t want to.

12. Animals love you and you love them right back.

13. Nature and all her moods and patterns are your friends. You immediately feel calm when you’re out in the elements.

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