From time to time we feel weird sensations in different parts of our body. For most people they are random and illogical feelings which come out of nowhere and result in nothing.

But those who are awakened or on the path of enlightenment know that nothing happens by chance and all these sensations have significance.

Here we will discuss the meaning of this tingling kind of feeling on the top of our head.

The area around our forehead and upwards is the region for our Crown Chakra. This is one of the most important of all the 7 chakras and is the final step of our oneness with the Cosmos.

This primary chakra is activated when we finally learn to let go of our ego and are ready to become one with the universe. A sensation in this region can mean either of the two things-

Firstly, it might be happening because you are on your path of spiritual ascension. When we are near enlightenment and are giving up our sense of self-importance and ego, we activate the chakra and accelerate our awakening.

If you suspect that the tingling sensation is because your crown chakra is opening, then look for accompanying signs. You will feel that your egocentric component is melting away.

You feel more in sync with the universe because you are finally ready to return to it. Your awareness is growing and you are willing to learn as well as unlearn old notions.

However, if you find none of these other signs, then there is a high probability that this tingling feeling is because of a blocked chakra.

It means there is an imbalance of energies around your crown chakra or too many negative vibes are blocking it.

The tingling is a physical manifestation of this unease. Blockage can be cured by meditation and thinking about the oneness of the universe.

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