You get the right results only when you know the procedures right; this is universal. Now, it is the same when seeking spiritual help.

You need to know what is what and who does what. Lines, functions and roles can get blurred when it comes to the definition of things.

Here are short and succinct definitions of the functions of practitioners that you might go to for guidance.

1. Empath:

The word empathy is best understood by defining the limits of the word sympathy. Sympathy is when you feel sorry for someone else’s sorrow/misfortune. Important is the word “sorry”. This means you aren’t affected.

An Empath hence is someone who is affected by the things that affect the people around them. They will literally feel the sensation trapped in you (Mantis from The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2).

2. Psychic:

Extra-sensory Perception occurs for things and sensations that cannot be seen or felt by the five of our sense organs. People who are endowed with psychic powers have a sixth sense, which is often called clairvoyance. Lorraine Warren from the Conjuring films, was clairvoyant.

These guides can sense things possessing you, tormenting you or even helping you; things that aren’t visible to you.

3. Medium:

This is someone with psychic powers, who is skilled enough to interfere in the workings of the spirit realm. They can call spirits and shelter them in their own body for a while, while the spirits talk/communicate.

4. Healer:

A healer’s job is to see the individual spirit as a whole and see his/her emotions are blocks that either help in its progress or hinder its growth. Healers will help you identify things that cause the negative emotions thereby helping you find the roots of your spiritual issues.

5. Intuitive:

Someone who is intuitive is a person whose subconscious helps them sort things out by tapping into its reservoir of past experiences. This is the famous gut feeling we read/hear so much about. An intuitive person might even be your best friend who gives you the best advice.

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