It is very common to have misgivings and doubts about where you are going and what the future has in store for you. But sometimes you just have to have faith in what the universe has in store for you.

Here are 10 signs by which you can draw hope that everything will end up alright.

1. You don’t know exactly where you are going. Because instead of following the usual path taken by the many you have decided to follow your instinct.

2. You are always on the edge and feel a bit scared. But it is a good sign because you are taking new challenges every day. But being afraid doesn’t mean you are not happy.

3. Things are not going exactly as the way you planned. Because life doesn’t follow a pattern and you have accepted the fact and adapted yourself well to the chaos.

4. You are far more interested in looking forward to what is to come rather than what has happened.

5. The reason you are reading this, is because even though you are scared, deep down you know that you will be alright. And even though you might be anxious you have faith in yourself.

6. Another good sign of being on the right path is that you have been following meaningful bonds with the people you meet. This is because you are now vibing with the kind of people who are beneficial to your growth.

7. You sometimes get overwhelmed with everything new that you have learned. This is because you are opening yourself up to new experiences and not taking anything for granted.

8. There have been quite a few coincidences with people as well as events. This all indicates that you are now on the path to achieving your goals.

9. You have learned to live for yourself and take pride in it.

10. You have failed many times but you still keep moving forward because you know all of it is a part of your journey.

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