Saturn has now begun its residence in Capricorn for the next three years. Saturn’s ingress occurred on December 20th, 2017  and since then we have been experiencing a whole lot of resolve in our day to day dealings.

Capricorn is the sign of planning and management and so now is the time to bring all our plans into fruition. There is a time for thoughts and doubts and research, and then there is the time to finally put all that thought and research into building something concrete. Well, you guessed it right, now is that time.

The next 3 years will be very detrimental to your career goals and other projects. So instead of taking things as you face them, it is advisable that you plan every detail so that nothing can take you by surprise.

Break down the next three years into 3 separate segments and then break them down further into quarters so that now you will have 12 pockets of action time and different goals and processes for each of them. This breakdown will help you reach your ultimate goal with more efficiency and less hassle.

Make sure you have an action plan handy to refer to every time you’re in doubt. If not then go write it, right away. Capricorn is known to have a pessimistic side and you don’t need those doubts and what ifs right now.

Believe in yourself and have faith that you will get there. Nobody is always fully prepared and even when they are, things get off course. And yet we somehow manage to make it to the other side. Just keep working at it with whatever means you have and you will not be disappointed.

The Eclipse season also starts with this new moon. Your body will undergo some subtle changes. You’d feel everything more intensely as Leo Lunar Eclipse draws close. This is the time for us to face our karma and give and take whatever is due. But it is also the time for u to get back on track if we have wavered too far from spirituality. Gather your strengths, be open to learning and make the best of what is being offered by the cosmos.

There is another thing you need to learn during this time. Without love the human race would cease to exist, and yet we have made so many complicated social constructs around it that more often than not we get scared of ever expressing our love fully. We have learned to keep it to ourselves, but that is not how love should be kept. The lunar eclipse means that upon introspection, you will be able to analyze where you have repressed it way too much and help you in rectifying it.

This is also the time to let go of the age old notions we have been harboring within us and embrace what love truly means. Leo is the master of passion and will help you see how maybe your idea of love is what is causing you a hindrance in getting love. Leo is also the leader and so now is the time to take control of your circumstances and see where things are not going as planned and correct them.

Love is never perfect; forget about whatever idealistic version you have in your head. But love is right and you will see it once you let yourself experience it in all its imperfections.

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