Intuition is magical and can be our best guide if we would allow it to be. Our instincts our inherent awareness which cannot be explained away scientifically but everyone must have experienced their sway one time or the other.

And intuition exists on the solid base of these 5 elements. Together they combine to strengthen our intuition and give us the gift which is unique to humanity.


Intuition is inherent to us, but the social constructs that we have learned since childhood prevents us from believing our intuition. The first step in the process of building up your intuition is to learn to trust yourself and try to stop doubting your inner voice. When we start trusting our intuition many barriers will fall away which are stopping us from achieving our true potential.


For you to be able to hear your intuition you should be able to form deep connections with others as well as yourself. Connecting with nature and others helps you in hearing your inner voice more clearly. Another method to hear your inner connections more easily is to distract yourself in some menial work. You would notice that doing habitual things like washing dishes etc you are better able to introspect.


We are always at war with ourselves. We don’t like how we look or our job and so many other things. Unless we learn to accept ourselves for who we are, completely and without judgment that we will learn to accept our intuition as well.


When we let go of pretences and false notions of what we need to be- we will be truly free of the hold of ego which prevents us from hearing what our heart is saying. Being true to yourself is what will finally set you free.


Children are spontaneous and free. They act without second thoughts and always follow their instincts. When you welcome childlike innocence back in your life you will also open the gates of intuition.

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