‘Tree hugger’ is a slang used for ecological activists worldwide. But tree hugging seems to have actual scientifically proven health benefits.

It has been shown to have positive effects in a number of medical conditions such as depression, ADHD and many others as well.

Other than helping with mental illnesses, hugging trees can also enhance your concentration levels and reaction times.

It gets even better, other than psychological well-being; it can also help you with various physiological issues as well.

Headaches which are the most notorious of all problems can also be treated by being in the company of plants and trees. And these many benefits are thanks to the serenity and positivity that large green spaces provide.

The healing properties of trees arise from their positive vibrations. Most of the vibrations or vibes as popularly called affect us. When we are in a damp and depressing space we feel sad and low.

As opposed to that when we are in the midst of nature and surrounded by greenery. Vibrations have a great power over us.

It has been proven that if you charge water up to 10 Hz and drink it, it can help in altering the rate of coagulation of blood.

And so, trees too affect us in a similar way as their vibrations can positively influence our bodies.

Now if this information was enough to make you believe in the healing power of trees, then you should also know the correct way to do it. When we use the healing energies of the tree to benefit us, we should be careful that we don’t drain the poor tree.

Choose the tree whose energy you vibe with and hug it for 5 minutes while trying to have a conversation with it. Then stand with your back touching to it and stay like that for a few more minutes. Show that you are grateful before moving on.

Would you ever give tree hugging a try? If so, tell us how it made you feel in the comments section below! 

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