Life is a train journey: like most train journeys, most of our co-travellers don’t stay with us for the entirety of it.

We lose friends, family and loved ones for various reasons. Worse part, we get used to the silence and distance because we grow accustomed to lives without them.

But that doesn’t have to be the case all the time. Of course, it is also the case sometimes that people leave because it was meant to be, pre-ordained by Karma.

If you really, really want to re-kindle the relationship and re-start the communication however, there are ways in which it can be achieved.

The first step which is the most logical one is to resort to conventional means of communication. This is the era of technology and social media. If mails, calls and texts don’t work, you can move on to non-conventional and spiritual methods of communication.

Make sure you are in a state of peace and harmony. Your chakras, especially your heart chakra should be in absolute balance. Meditate and focus your thoughts before you attempt to contact someone spiritually.

Establishing a telepathic connection:

Go to place that reminds you awfully of the person you want to talk to and communicate with.

Think and concentrate on the person and the feeling of love that did exist between you two. The vibes of the place combined with the connection you shared will do our job.

Consulting spirit guides:

Focus and meditate on the entity that has been guiding you and shielding you since you were a child. Ask it questions about this failure and communication breakdown.

If it tells you, that this is the way it has to be, that communication will not be possible anymore, learn how to accept the failure and live with it. Learn how to be at peace with yourself, for that is the key to all successes in life.

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