Most of us are so concerned about our physical body that we rarely pay attention to our mental health.

It might come to you as a shock but we all need to constantly indulge ourselves in some form of mental exercise to make sure our brain gets enough to work out.

Here are few of the exercises you can do in order to keep yourself mentally stronger:

Make nature your friend.

Finding solitude in the environment is the best way to keep your mind at peace. In a study, it was proved that people who reside in rural areas are happier than the people living in urban areas. The environment helps in keeping the mind fresh.

Look at paintings, especially landscape

Paintings of landscapes are really helpful in calming your mind. The greenery in landscapes gives a soothing effect to the eyes of the watcher and also helps in reducing pain.

This is the reason why windows of offices and hospitals have landscapes down in them in order to remove stress. Since it is really tough to see greenery and landscapes in urban areas, portraits of landscapes to the work equally fine.

 Walk in the woods

Never underestimate the power of long walk in nature. Deep breaths and walks in woods have a special healing effect on them.

They are known for stimulating our senses and also help in reducing mental fatigue. Maybe this is why people say that nature has all the answers.

 Stay close to the sea, or listen to Sea sounds

It is often said that Vitamin Sea is one of the best medicines in the world. We all should hear the sea callings once in a while. The waves of the sea can help you get detoxify all the stress from your mind.

A study published in health and place in 2016 also stated that visiting the seashores can help in the prevention of depression and stress in a person.

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